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August 2, 10AM Central Time - Tribute to Yonatan Karmon z"l Program

Program To Honor Yonatan Karmon z"l

Hey all, a few weeks ago at CID-Virtual, we participated in the initiative mentioned below.  Here is the video we made: Haro'a Haktana - Danced at CID - Virtual on 7/2

It is almost time for the actual program that we hope our video will be part of.  Here is the trailer for what looks to be like a lovely event and a highly polished professional production.  Trailer.  The event is scheduled for Sunday, August 2 at 10AM Chicago time on Zoom and Youtube.  Here is the join info:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 946 3549 8561

Passcode: 899936


YouTube: YouTube Link

"Hello Phil,
Subject: Dancing “Ha'Roa’a Ha’Ktana”, for Yonatan Karmon
To dance leaders throughout the world - CIOFF ® Israel and “Rokdim-Nirkoda” magazine invite you to take part in an online event in memory of Yonatan Karmon (July 28, 1931 - February 6, 2020) that will take place on Sunday, August 2, 2020 on Zoom and on YouTube. Mark the date and time: Israel time: 6 PM; USA – East Coast time: 11 AM; USA - West Coast time: 8 AM

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RESCHEDULED TO April 30, 2021 - May 2

posting on behalf of Chen...

Dear IFD Family

First, we hope we find you well, both in the family and professional fields; right now that's the priority! Very soon we will publish detailed information and begin the registration process. In the meantime, here are some important points, to help you start organizing ahead of time, and spread it among your friends.

Covid-19: The hotels we will be staying at: Rosa Agustina Resort & Spa - The resort where the camp will also take place this year -, and the Loberías del Sur - The hotel where we will stay during the Pre Camp Tour to the Patagonia-, will adapt their protocols to the new reality. Once these protocols are published, we will send them to you for review.

Beyond the spaces for beginners and advanced, we also offer a special space for children, designed to bring together all children from 7 to 12 years old, in a weekend of games, music, dances and fun, where they can connect with our traditions and our culture through Israeli folk dance. It includes a central show in which the children make their choreographic presentation and, in addition, during those days they share dance sessions, cooperative games, and songs.


Children are the ones who should understand our culture and pass it on because they are our present and our future.


The first edition of our Pre-Camp Tour last year was a sensational experience, therefore with joy and great emotion, we offer for the second time an unforgettable tour, together with the choreographers, to the Chilean Patagonia, where we will discover some of the natural wonders of the world. A wild experience of excoriations, songs, and dancing. The dates of the tour are November 6 to 10 (Fri - Tue).


.- We will have a special Pre Camp Party with the presence of the entire team, on Wednesday, November 11 at the Israelite Circle of Santiago (free activity).

.- The Camp will start on Thursday, November 12 at 18:00 hrs, and end on Sunday, November 15 at 11:00 hrs.

.- Transfers: Departure on Thursday 12 at 13:00 hrs from Santiago/Airport, and on Friday 13 only from the Airport at 12:00 hrs. Return on Sunday 15th at 11:00 hrs from the Resort.
We will not be able to make changes in the hours of the transfers, so we request that the flight schedules be planned according to the exposed schedules. Otherwise, the transfer will be borne by the participant which has an approximate cost of $30 dollars in shared travel.

.- For dance troupes, we will have a main Gala and more performances during the festival, in addition, there will be workshops especially for dance troupes.

.- The costs and conditions will remain similar to last year and include: All-inclusive accommodation system in the 5 stars Rosa Agustina Resort & Spa, transfers from Santiago airport, or a central point in Santiago to the festival (Olmué, which is about 100 kilometers from Santiago) and back, and all festival activities of course.




For those who meet the following criteria, we have special promotions for you:
.- Young dancers under 30 years old.
.- Children from 7 to 12 years old
.- All those who participated in the camp last year.
.- Community leaders and dance teachers in practice.

For more details, questions, or suggestions, please contact us. We know that it is very difficult and complicated to plan things in the situation in which we find ourselves, however, do not hesitate to register or ask us any questions. We are very aware of this situation and everything involved will be taken into account.

For us, it will always be of great value and an honor to have you! 


Warmest Regads

Team Chile Rokedet 2020