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7-11:30PM Central

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Hey everyone!

So many things to share with you!  😊😊😊😊  Well, Nirkoda Bamerkaz/Worldwide Marathon 2 is now in the books.  And what a fabulous experience it was.  But don't just take my word for it.  Take a look at these recordings to get an idea!

Well actually, lets start with the night before, Nirkoda Bamerkaz Erev Shabbat recording

And then, let me thank some of the people who made this whole weekend happen:

Aaron Alpert, co-director

-  Larry Denenberg, master logistician, technologist and consultant

-  Carol Neiger, graphic artist extraordinaire

-  Elad Shtamer and Michael Barzilay, my go to guys from our Nirkoda Bamerkaz Team

-  Martin Imber, cohost from Australia

-  Stuart Meyer, technologist and dance leader from Cleveland

David Karger, Request App

-  All the dance leaders, assistants, scribes.

-  The dancers!

Nirkoda Bamerkaz Friday 10/23 Erev Shabbat Session

Marathon 2 Recordings:

Recording 7

Go here for the latest info: Marathon 2.
  And in particular, please go to the charity section there to honor the leaders of your choice by contributing.   Oh and have a look at the team!  OMG!

Here are two interviews about Marathon 2 that I did with Michael Mero of CIOFF Israel, one in HEBREW and the other in ENGLISH.

This week, at 7:00PM Central time, Penny will lead her always popular set of beginner/classic dances.  And then around , 7:30 we are yet again honored to have Ariane back with us to lead a set.  And then, excellent business as usual from the rest of the CID Project Team.


I hope that you have heard by now that we lost one of the giants of Israeli dancing, Yoav Ashriel z"l.  He contributed numerous dances to our repertoire throughout the years, Erev Ba perhaps the most famous.  He also ran the choreographer workshops for years at which new dances were introduced.  And with his wife Mira z"l, he mentored generations of leaders and choreographers.  He will be missed.  In his honor, during the Marathon, CIOFF presented a tribute to Yoav.  Check it out in recording 7 (see above).  Go to this link to see Yoav Ashriel's Dances
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Chicago Israeli Dancing – Virtual Has Added A Night!

During this time while we can’t dance together physically, we have opened up an additional weekly session.  It is called Chicago Israeli Dancing – Virtual (Local) under the direction of Penny Brichta.  It runs from 7-9PM Central time.  Penny has moved her highly successful Israeli Dance Beginner’s Virtual class from Wednesday nights to Tuesdays.  From 7-8PM, Penny will continue to run her Beginner’s class which is focused on easier dances and beginner level teaching.  Starting at 8PM there will be segments led by local Israeli dance leaders.  Included in the session will be the teaching of one intermediate/advanced dance, with an emphasis on the Chicago repertoire.   (new flyer  below).  Thanks and Kol Hakavod Penny for your leadership and all that you do for Chicago Israeli Dancing!

Meanwhile, Chicago Israeli Dancing – Virtual (Global) will continue on Thursday nights under the direction of Phil Moss.  The times will remain the same, (7PM-11:30PM Central), and we will continue to start off with a segment led by Penny that will include many of the dances she has been teaching in her Beginner’s session.  And we will continue to feature segments run by Chicago leaders, as well as markidim/markidot from across the US and from various places around the world.  The excitement continues with participants from all over!!!
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Order the Marathon 2 T-Shirt
Right now, you can order your Marathon 2 T-Shirt (proceeds benefit the World Health Organization.  WE HAVE ALREADY DONATED $600, THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS NEW SHIRT!!!).  It takes about 2 weeks after a campaign closes  to receive deliveries in the US.  Deliveries to outside the US take longer.  The current campaign will end soon.  You will have a nice memento.

With thanks to the amazing Carol Neiger, and with help from Ophir and Aaron, here is the shirt (front and back), followed by the ordering information.

These wonderful shirts are available in a number of styles, sizes and colors.  Order Here
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Courtesy of David Karger, We Are Trying Out His New Request App

First, let me thank Larry Denenberg for all the work he did with his request app.  It worked well and it was very helpful.  Kol Hakavod, Larry,

Now, Chicago Israeli Dancing is piloting a new app for making Israeli Dance requests, courtesy of
David Karger. Thanks David!  The app runs from your browser.  You don't need to download anything.  All you have to do is follow the link below.  Go ahead and enter your requests for this week's October 29th session. We will try to incorporate some into this week's playlist.

It would help us if you would enter your requests a couple of days before the session, but we'll be monitoring them all the time.  Here is the link:  David Karger's Request App
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Program To Honor Yonatan Karmon z"l
Hey all, a few weeks ago at CID-Virtual, in conjunction with preparations for this program we made: Haro'a Haktana - Danced at CID - Virtual on 7/2. 

The program was simply wonderful!  Kol Hakavod to all who were involved in it.  Here is the video that was prepared for the occasion: Yonatan Karmon z"l Memorial Program  If you go about 14 minutes from the end, you will see the segment with our 15 seconds of fame.  But I strongly encourage you to watch the whole thing.  Simply wonderful.  And when the Zoom recording is available, I will share it here.

Origins Of Israeli Dance - The Yemenite Step

If you haven't yet seen this 10 minute video by Shmulik Gov-Ari, I strongly encourage you to check it out.  He did a great job and it is very informative.  Shmulik Video
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Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday night.
Be safe

In this section:

Announcements/Shout Outs

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At Chicago Israeli Dancing - Virtual, you'll have noticed greater participation from Chicago leaders.  We'll still have a great mix of dances as chosen by all our national and international leaders, but more of the dances will be known to those who dance with us in Chicago.  Penny will continue to lead classic/beginner dances starting at 7PM Central time.  Oldies will be sprinkled throughout the program, rather than in a dedicated set.

And speaking of beginners:  BEGINNERS VIRTUAL SESSION - in other great news, Penny is continuing her beginner's virtual session that she started on April 29th.  But on August 11, she moved it to Tuesday nights and in a new format.  It runs from 7-9PM Central Time!  Please spread the word!


zoom link  or ID=834 2711 4296 pswd = Mayim

Please check out this link to the Adverts section.  Aura Levin Lipski has a new place for you to post information about your business. 

This week's shout outs: 

 What you Need to Know About This Week's Virtual Session (10/29/20)

NEW SECURITY MEASURES: Please update to the latest version of Zoom.

Effective immediately, we are using a new zoom link, or meeting ID and pswd.  But before you try to enter, please make sure that when you log in, you enter your name and location.  You will be placed in the waiting room, but you will only be admitted if we can verify your identity.

With major thanks to Aaron Alpert, if you need help in figuring out how to enter the right information (which you must do before you actually try to join the Zoom), please go to the following link, which he prepared for Zoom Cali.  But the same principles apply for us.  Zoom Help Doc

If you find yourself stuck in the waiting room, you can reach out to Phil via WhatsApp. (info below in the Our WhatsApp Group section)

 zoom link Or if you log in from the app, Meeting ID: 898 8860 6377  PSWD = 376030

Here's the plan/schedule/hope:

7:00PM:    Classic/Beginner Israeli dances presented by Penny
7:30PM:    Guest appearance by Ariane Butel.  Segments led by the CID - Virtual team!  Included are: Rina R, Stuart, Nina, Sarah, Deb, Penny, Gabi/Mayla, Aaron and Latishya.

Leaving this up for one more week.  Here was your homework video Ketze Hayom - Ariane Butel Circle 2020

We'll continue until 11:30 or so.


We'll take schmooze breaks between segments.  And we'll also try getting to requests as well.

A few reminders:

·       open the chat window as soon as you get in the room so you can reach out publicly and/or privately.  And enable yourself for closed captioning.  We post the dances being played both in CC and the chat...

·       please please please open your video if at all possible.  So much of this whole endeavor is about community and being togethe Even if you don't dance, it is way better when we can all see each other.


If you can't log in, go to the end of this post to see my approach to communicating with everyone.


If you feel like making a financial contribution to help support this endeavor, you can use PayPal or Chase Quickpay (Zelle) ( or Venmo (PhilipBMoss)


Order T-shirts Here

On behalf of our entire team, thanks so much for participating and being part of our virtual community at this time.

Be Safe,

Phil Moss


When there is plenty of time, I send you newsletters through this  And I update this website,

My fastest and easiest (and INTERACTIVE) way to communicate is via our Facebook group, Chicago Israeli Folk Dancing 

And also, for brief text messages, I use our WhatsApp group. (If you want to be added, please send me a message on WhatsApp to 3125198669.)

So please keep these tools in mind when you look for information from me.  To reach me, please use my email address or my cell (located in the flyer at the top of the newsletter.)

Find Out How To Order The 24 Hour Worldwide Israeli Dance Marathon 1 Commemorative T-Shirt!

Order Your T-Shirt Here Using This Link!

Hello Israeli Dancers from around the world!  What a thrill it was to dance with you during the first ever 24 Hour Worldwide Israeli Dance Marathon, which was held on April 13-14, 2020. Thank you for being part of this global community.  And thanks to those of you who made contributions to the charities selected by the marathon leaders.

As a charitable follow-on, and for some additional fun, we are very pleased to offer you this opportunity to order the 24 Hour Worldwide Israeli Dance Marathon t-shirt.  With your purchase, not only will you be getting a nice keepsake, you will also be helping the World Health Organization (WHO) as it combats the pandemic.  We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you wearing this shirt in one of the upcoming dance sessions!

These most excellent t-shirts
 are made-to-order (in your selected size, color, and t-shirt style). It takes between 7 and 14 business days after a campaign closes for shirts to arrive. By the way, Bonfire, our awesome vendor, CAN SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, so be the first one in your village to get this great shirt.

The campaign has reopened.  It will take 7-14 days from the next campaign end date for delivery. 

Please share this message with others. This offer is open to the Worldwide Israeli Dance community, and for anyone who wants to participate in our fundraiser!

(PLEASE NOTE that the proceeds will flow through Machol Merkaz and then be gifted directly to WHO)

How To Order Our Way Cool T-shirt: Chicago Israeli Dancing - We Dance Virtually Anywhere

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Courtesy of ‎Carol Lezberg Neiger‎
Hi everyone. As well all now know, painfully too well, the ever-changing developments related to the Coronavirus have been devastating and challenging for all of us. Businesses and communities around the world have had to change plans, close-up shop, cancel events, work from home, etc.
In an effort to keep us all safe, and still together virtually, Chicago Israeli Dancing has begun to hold its weekly Thursday night session via Zoom conferencing. By all accounts, our, inaugural session on March 19th and follow up on March 26th were great successes. People were thrilled just to “be with each other,” to interact, lift their spirits, and to get their Israeli dance fix. So we plan to keep it going.
And to add some additional fun, as well as to support our camp, Machol Merkaz (which we are praying to be able to conduct starting on October 22), we are very pleased to offer you this opportunity to order our new Chicago Israeli Dancing T-shirt. With your purchase, not only will you be getting a nice keepsake, you will also be helping people to participate in our great camp, whenever we will be able to conduct it. (You can be sure that the need for scholarship assistance will jump dramatically this year.) In addition, we’re looking forward to seeing lots of you wearing this shirt in one of our upcoming dance sessions!
These t-shirts are made-to-order (in your selected size, color, and t-shirt style). It takes between 7 and 14 business days after a campaign closes for shirts to arrive.The campaign has reopened.  You will receive your shirt  7-14 days from the end of the current campaign.  Please share this message with others. This offer is open to the world-wide Israeli Dance community who we now welcome as members of Chicago Israeli Dancing – Virtual. 📷
Thanks in advance and stay safe.
Phil Moss and Penny Brichta (session leaders), Carol Neiger (Marketing Director

Important Info About Our New Home, Beth Emet Congregation
Parking is on the west side of the building (1224 Dempster in Evanston).  Overflow street parking is available on Asbury.  Entrance is on Dempster (use the first door you get to just east of the parking lot).  Press the doorbell and stay in front of the camera, and be prepared to use the door on the right once you are buzzed in.  (Hold the door carefully so that it doesn't slam shut.)  Go up the stairs, turn to the left and then go down the stairs to the Weiner Room.

Someone will be available to buzz you in until 10:30PM.  If you come after that, you can try the doorbell, and if that doesn't work,you can try calling me but there is no guarantee that I'll see the call.  Try reaching me at 312.519.8669 because my other number does not work in the Weiner Room. Or try reaching me via email,  I do receive that in the room, but I can only check it occasionally.

Regarding the floor, please make sure to wear non-scuff shoes like you would on a wood gymnasium floor (this one is vinyl).  We need to take good care of this floor and building!


Our Whatsapp Group

I have concluded that it would be a good thing for me to have a way to reach everyone quickly from time to time.  So I have created a group called Chicago Israeli Dancing.  I plan to use this group very sparingly.  It is meant for instant communication, without requiring people to be looking at FaceBook.  I have added people who are already WhatsApp contacts of mine, but I am missing many of you.   So if you would like to be included, please find me on WhatsApp at 312.519.8669.  Then message me and ask to be added.  Also, I will use this group only for messages that I intend for everyone to see.  I ask that you all do the same.  Thx

Our Facebook Group

I wanted to remind you all to make sure to join our Facebook Group, Chicago Israeli Dancing. This is the easiest way for me to quickly reach you and it is also the way that you can interact online with the rest of the group.

Chicago Israeli Dancing on Facebook